December 30, 2008

TESTERS FOUND - Fox's Optical Illusion Square

UPDATE: Above is the original square and it was larger than I wanted. Below is the new square. It's now a 7" x 7" square. I'll work more on the idea of the larger version at a later date.
So if you want to test, add a comment or email me.

I hate my camera LOL. This is actually a very pretty color of purple using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. I'm going to make another one in a different color to see if it photographs better. Plus I see some things I want to tweek.


Christina said...

well, i am a c'ville sis. and wow, that is an interesting pattern. illusion is right

earth_mother30 said...

I'm Sandy and from c'ville. Love the pattern. may I test this 1 for you?? You can ask KristieMN about my testing. The last thing i tested for her did take me a bit of time, but I did finish, took picts and gave feedback. W/ this being a holiday weekend, I would have the time to work it up, and my bf could take the pic for me fri nite. if that works. :)

SmoothFox said...

Hi Earth_mother30 -
Please email me the address you want the pattern to go to.


Karin said...

I would love to test your Optical Illusion Square. My name is Karin and my email addy is I have pattern-tested once for Jennifer Cirka (Jaybird Designs) and it went fine. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

I would love to test another pattern for you. Count me in!!


RitziMitzy said...

Hi Donna!

If you still need some testers, I'd love to do it! That's a great looking square! Let me know...


p.s. I found your site a while ago, probably through Crochet Partners & yes, I'm signed up as a follower

nsusan said...

did a google search and found you
I would really like to test your opticalv illusion square
I'm a follower

silversally said...

got involved with a yahoogroup of crochet ladies
I would like to do hats, dishcloths, and purses. When you have them to test I will be available.

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