December 31, 2008

Email address

Those of you who added yourselves as followers a while back - I now have the subscribe by email button workng. You need to click it, subscribe to receive emails of new posts, go confirm it at your email address and in the future you will be the first to know about new patterns.

So in order to test, you need to subscribe by email and be a follower so you know when the new squares are open for testing. Then you'll need to send me an email when there is a square you want to test. That way I get your email address.

Also I can't respond to comments posted from people who want to test patterns if I don't have an email address.

I have 1 square posted needing testing in a different post below that is called Fox's Optical Illusion and 1 more ready to post after this square has some testers.


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Please post general comments for everyone to see however if your comment is regarding that you want to test a pattern or need me to fix an error in a pattern - do not leave a comment. Just send me an email instead.